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Job growth blew past expectations in October and year-over-year wage gains jumped past 3 percent for the first time since the Great Recession, the Labor Department reported Friday. Nonfarm payrolls powered up by 250,000 for the month, well ahead of estimates of 190,000. The unemployment rate stayed at 3.7 percent, the lowest since December 1969. – Jeff Cox, “Jobs Smash Estimates With Gain of 250,000, Wage Gains Pass 3% for First Time Since Recession,”, November 2, 2018.


"At this point, a couple more interest rate increases are necessary to stabilize growth at a sustainable pace and stabilize the labor market so it doesn't overheat," – Janet Yellen, October 30, 2018, “Yellen Says a Couple More Rate Increases Are Needed So Labor Market Doesn’t Overheat.” Fred Imbert,, October 30, 2018.


The combination of the overlap of the 4-day orb for a major reversal related to the Sun/Uranus opposition of October 23 and Venus/Uranus opposition of October 31, which was October 25-29, combined with the midpoint of Venus retrograde on October 26, was enough to sharply reverse world stock indices. A majority of the global equity markets completed multi-week (and even multi-month) declines right on Friday-Monday, October 26-29, and then exploded upwards all last week.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average, for example, bottomed at 24,122 on Friday, October 26, which was down 2829 points (-10.5%) from its all-time high of 26,951 on October 3, an MMA 3-star critical reversal date, and just two days before Venus turned retrograde on October 5. However, by Friday, November 2, just 4 trading days later, it had recovered 1456 of these lost points. The Japanese Nikkei had bottomed at 20,971 one week ago, on Friday, October 26. This represented a loss of 3476 points (-14.2%) from its 26-year high of 24,448, also recorded on October 3. But one week later, on November 2, it had reversed and rallied to 22,308, a gain of 1336 points. The pattern was similar in all other parts of world, from Australia, to China, England and South America: a major high nearby Venus turning retrograde October 5, followed by a multi-month low October 26-29 as Venus retrograde hit its midpoint nearby to the Sun/Venus opposition to Uranus, and a sharp rally into November 1-2.


Last week was notable for other markets too. Crude oil fell to $62.63/barrel on November 2, its lowest price in 6 months, another signal that its 3-year and 17-month cycles have topped out on October 3 as Venus turned retrograde. The top, by the way, was right into the price range calculated by MMA Crude Oil analyst Nitin Bhandari in the Forecast 2018 Book. Gold was exciting too, as it rallied to a high of 1246 on Friday October 26, its highest level since July 17. However, Gold then fell back to 1213.40 on October 31, right into our price target for traders to add onto long positions. The next day it was testing 1240 again, and continuing the upswing in accordance with the three special reports we wrote on Gold in August when it completed its 30.5-month cycle low at 1167. With Jupiter soon to enter Sagittarius, in square aspect to Neptune in Pisces for much of 2019, the cosmic picture is strongly suggesting that prices are rising, and inflation pressures are growing, despite what some officials are claiming. Has anyone tried to book an air flight from the USA to Europe next summer? Or hotels? You won’t believe the hike from this year. It is certainly not indicative of inflation being well under control.




Political consultants tell clients they have to go negative, and hastily so, because such ads work. But that is an untested proposition. In every contested race, both sides are running nasty attack ads. So, someone running nasty attack ads is going to win. No candidate tries a different tack. The truth is that political consultants like to make those nasty attack ads. That’s the way they get their jollies. – Robert Robb, “Candidates Shouldn’t Fall Back on Negativity,” Arizona Republic, November 2, 2018.


“As a former CEO, I can say from experience that if the leader doesn’t set the tone, no one else will. All the ink about how both sides are to blame (for America’s explosive politics) is true, but irrelevant without leadership from the top.” – Steven Brown, retired CEO of John Hancock Financial Services, Wall Street Journal, November 2, 2018.


This week will be interesting from the geocosmic perspective, but not because the signatures in effect necessarily correlate with major reversals in financial markets. It is important because two outer planets — Uranus and Jupiter — change signs this week. That is rare, especially when you consider that the Moon’s Nodes will also change signs this week.


First, Uranus will retrograde back into Aries from Taurus on Election Day, November 6. Uranus first entered Taurus on the new Moon in Taurus on May 15. Now this week, it will leave Taurus temporarily within one day of the Scorpio new Moon. Then, on the Pisces new Moon of March 6, 2019, it will re-enter Taurus for the next 6 years. While in Taurus for the past 6 months, the world has been relatively peaceful, or at least militarily less hostile and threatening than it was during Uranus-in-Aries the previous seven years. The “war” rhetoric and threats with Uranus in Taurus have been of the trade wars’ variety, which fits with Taurus, a money sign. We will be watching to see if the trade war dispute between the USA and China come to an end between now and March, and if in their place renewed military threats arise, perhaps involving North Korea and/or other nations.


Second, Jupiter will begin its 13-month trek through Sagittarius on Thursday, November 8.  This too offers an optimistic outlook for resolving trade disputes, for both Jupiter and its ruling sign of Sagittarius suggest an increase in world trade. Historically, as stated in last week’s column, this also “…has a strong correlation of coinciding with a long-term cycle crest (in stocks). Supporting this view is the election on November 6, 2018. Markets lately have made lows nearby to important national elections in the USA.” The fact that two outer planets are changing signs indicates that there will be probably be a new energy in Congress and the USA government as a result of this week’s mid-term election. Several incumbents in both parties will likely be departing, and many new voices will be elected to serve.


This, of course, will affect USA President Donald Trump. When he was starting his first year in office, Saturn was conjunct his Moon and in opposition to his Sun. Typical of Saturn in opposition to the Sun, he accomplished many things, but typical of Saturn on the Moon, he was unpopular. Now, in 2019 Jupiter replaces Saturn, Jupiter will soon conjunct his Moon, in opposition to his natal Sun. The opposite of what was the case in 2016-17 is likely to be experienced following this mid-term election for Mr. Trump. That is, he is likely to see his popularity increase in the first half of 2019, but the quantity (and quality) of his major accomplishments may decrease markedly.


There is yet another ingress of importance occurring next week. The 18.6-year orbit of the Moon’s North Node will leave the amusing and confident sign of Leo and enter the patriotic and family-oriented sign of Cancer for the next 19 months, starting on November 6, the same day Uranus retrogrades back into Aries. This shift also has historical economic correlations. According to Louise McWhirter’s research, published in McWhirter’s Theory of Stock Market Forecasting (American Federation of Astrologers, 1938, Tempe, AZ), the economy and stock market often top out when the Moon’s North Node is in Leo. My own research shows that this is generally true, but a range extending from mid-Leo to mid-Taurus usually contains the top. But most of the gains in the economy and stock market are over by the time the North Node leaves Leo. It doesn’t bottom until the Node gets to Aquarius-Scorpio. although most of the decline is completed by the time it is in Aquarius or Capricorn. This theory is covered more fully in the forthcoming Forecast for 2019 Book, due for release on December 15.


Thus, the cosmic picture for this week reveals a lot of collective, attitudinal, and sentiment changes commencing. It suggests a shift of sector attraction for investors too. However, as far as reversals of trends for traders in financial markets, those are more pronounced the following two weeks, as both Venus and Mercury will change directions on November 16. Venus will end its six-week retrograde cycle and Mercury will begin its three-week retrograde motion on that day. We get no relief before December 6 from all the retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) that have been active since June. It’s like starting, stopping, re-calculating, and adjusting over and over again, trying to get it right, trying to sustain some momentum, whether personally or in terms of markets. It may be fine for aggressive, short-term traders, but a little frustrating for more position-oriented traders and investors. Still, MMA’s geocosmic critical reversal dates have been impressive, including the last three-star critical reversal date of October 3, which just happened to be the exact day of the all-time high in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The three-star critical reversal date before that in late August coincided with the all-time high of the NASDAQ before its plunge. Geocosmic signatures, as reliable market timing reversal points, continue to prove their value.


By the way, Live Cattle prices keep right on soaring, ever since Uranus ingressed into Taurus in mid-May 2018. It will be interesting to see what they do when Uranus retrogrades back into Aries this week for the next 5 months. The symbol of Taurus is the bull, which is part of the Live Cattle family.

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