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Below is the opening chapter in this year’s FORECAST 2019 BOOK. Enjoy!





Setup: 1. The way in which something is organized, planned, or arranged. 2. A scheme, or a trick, intended to incriminate or deceive someone. - Dictionary,


 “What you are getting is a stimulus at the very wrong moment.  The economy is already at full employment. (The stimulus) is going to hit the economy in a big way this year and next year, and then in 2020 Wile E. Coyote is going to go off the cliff,” – Ben Bernanke at a policy discussion at the American Enterprise Institute, written by Craig Torres, “Bernanke Says U.S. Economy Faces a Wile E. Coyote Moment in 2020,” Bloomberg News, June 7, 2018.


It’s the cosmic set up of a decade. And it may take a modern-day Financial and/or Mundane Astrologer to figure out what it means before it unfolds. Yet, almost anyone with a working knowledge of astrology is aware that the alignment of planets approaching in 2020 is quite a unique and powerful set up: a stellium of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in late Capricorn through 0° Aquarius. It is symbolic of a huge shift for humankind. And 2019 is the setup for this shift.


But what kind of setup is it?


According to the Google dictionary, a “setup” can have multiple meanings, and take several forms. There is the physical setup, the way in which something is organized, or arranged. The arrangement of the planets in the solar system, in relationship to planet earth, exemplifies this type of setup. We see this in the chart of the year 2020. The chart, or horoscope, which is a representation of the heavens, is in a sense, a physical, astronomical, or cosmological arrangement, or setup. It reflects the manner in which the planets are “set up” in the chart of the times. That is, the cosmic setup of 2019 is leading humanity into the Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto stellium that will take place when all three will move through the sign of Capricorn in 2020. In other words, the year 2020 will be another “Capricorn Climax.” But to understand and prepare adequately for the 2020 version of a Capricorn Climax, we need to first of all understand the cosmic setup leading into it from 2019.


The last time we witnessed a gathering of three of the five outermost planets in Capricorn was 1988-1993, a period we labeled as “The Capricorn Climax.” As was the case in 1988-1993, when Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune were all in Capricorn and conjoined one another, the Moon’s Nodes are again involved. From November 1990 through August 1992, the Moon’s North Node was also in Capricorn. From December 2019 through December 2020, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will travel through Capricorn. However, from November 2018 through May 2020, the Moon’s South Node will transit through Capricorn, too. It will be another Capricorn Climax involving the Moon’s Nodes.


There is another kind of “setup” defined in Google’s dictionary. This one is defined as, “A scheme, or a trick, intended to incriminate or deceive someone.” This could be pertinent to understanding the times we are living in as well, for just prior to the three outer planets moving through Capricorn in the same year, 2020, one of these planets – Jupiter – will form a three-passage square aspect to a fourth outer planet – Neptune – in 2019. This is not just an ordinary 13-year planetary pair cycle between these two planets. This particular square is unusual because both planets will be in their ruling signs. That is, Jupiter will be in its home sign of Sagittarius, while Neptune will be in its home sign of Pisces. On top of that, Jupiter also co-rules Pisces. Two outer planets, each in the sign that they rule (plus co-rule), and in a hard, waning square, aspect to one another. That doesn’t happen all that often. In fact, it only happens about every 166-167 years. The last time it occurred was in 1852. We will revisit that period for analysis shortly, for an examination of prior times when astrological patterns occurred that are returning in current times, offers great insight into the themes and choices of the current time.


The year 2019 will highlight one major aspect formation between the outer planets, and one semi-major aspect. The major aspect will be the three-passage series of Jupiter in its ruling sign of Sagittarius, forming a waning square aspect to Neptune, in its ruling sign of Pisces. The semi-major aspect will be a three-passage waning sextile aspect from Saturn, in its ruling sign of Capricorn, to Neptune, in its ruling sign of Pisces. This will be the cosmic setup that leads us into the more powerful triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in 2020, which is an even more unusual and rare combination than the Jupiter/Neptune square, each in its own ruling sign.


Why might 2019 be a


setup in the sense of “… a scheme, or a trick, intended to incriminate or deceive someone? Because, of all the planets used in astrology, Neptune and Pisces together have most reference to the concept of a trick or scheme where the intention or consequence may be to deceive. Not that deception is the only characteristic one can use to describe Neptune and Pisces, for each can also represent a state of trust and elevated consciousness, and an ability to experience inner bliss and a world of beauty. Neptune and Pisces can also indicate an active effort to facilitate a world of peace. These are certainly very altruistic, idealistic, and virtuous goals. But in a square aspect, the possibilities of a trick or scheme, or an effort that turns out to be more idealistic and altruistic than realistic, the probabilities are much greater than normal. And these are not “normal” times that we live in. We are living in times where there is great confusion and uncertainty about the future. The current times are fertile ground for an increase in schemes or tricks that are intended to incriminate or deceive someone.


Which brings up the question: what are we setting ourselves up for? What is being set up that might end with great disillusionment? The answer might be in the Ben Bernanke quote. We could easily see the collective moving from a state of economic and financial market overconfidence, a state of “irrational exuberance,” as indicated by Jupiter in Sagittarius in square to Neptune in Pisces in 2019, to the sudden realization afterwards that it is too late as we next enter the too-realistic nature of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The difference in these two states of being is like the difference between bathing in a luxurious, warm body of water, like in a spa, to being pushed into a raging river of frozen ice in the middle of winter. You get sober really quick, and not at your convenience. It is like going from the frenetic and exciting pace of a Wile E Coyote, doing everything and anything you have always wanted because now you have the money to do so, running off a cliff because you think you can fly forever. It’s a wonderful trip, a grand party – until you wake up the next morning with the splitting headache and hangover. But as with all things astrological, you don’t have to have that unfortunate ending. You don’t have to be too comfortable and complacent and fall off the cliff if you are aware that you are headed for a cliff. The key is to be aware of where that cliff is, and aware that others – leaders of the world – are moving towards that cliff and leading their followers to that edge that no one really believes is there at all. The advice is really quite simple: don’t be unconscious of where you are and where you are headed and where others are trying to lead you. See the cliff and don’t go over it.


This year’s Forecast 2019 Book is designed to help you recognize who the Wile E Coyotes are and where he/she/they are headed. It is to help you recognize who is watching the campfire against the background of the beautiful night sky, as illustrated on the cover of this year’s book, and to make sure you don’t let that campfire remain unattended and grow out of control in your own life. It is to help you transfer your trust in those outside of your own being to a trust within your own inner being.


There is a setup taking place in the cosmos in 2019, leading humankind into 2020 and beyond. And, as the cycles in the cosmos have a correlation to cycles in human activity, it is important to understand the nature of the setup that is unfolding in the reality of the collective. Is it real? Or is it an illusion? Collectively, the square of Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces indicates that this could be a period of a setup for a great disillusionment. The wake up from this disillusionment could come down very harshly, very quickly, during or near the time that the second Capricorn Climax, in 2020, gets underway.


The year 2019 is the astrological setup. It is also the setup for the very powerful collective transformation that is likely to follow in 2020-2022, and beyond.



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