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World equity markets blew right through the first Jupiter/Neptune square last week and continued their rallies started in late December. However, several other markets have started have commenced declines since then, including precious metals, currencies, and treasuries.


In European equity markets, the best performer was the Zurich SMI, which soared to 9024 intraday on Friday. This represents an appreciation of 10.9% from its low of 8138 on December 27, only three weeks ago. The German DAX and Netherlands AEX were also up smartly at the close of last week, with gains of 9.1 and 8.1% respectively from their lows of December 27. The London FTSE was another story, following the humbling defeat of Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposal to exit from the EU (Brexit). This was not unexpected, as the Jupiter square Neptune aspect suggests that the UK could muddle along for several more months with no clear end game in sight.


In Asia and the Pacific Rim, most stock markets also enjoyed positive gains last week. The Japanese Nikkei is now up 9.15% from its lows of late December. The Hang Seng Index is up almost as much from the more recent low of January 4. The China Shanghai Composite is up 6.5% from its low of January 4, while the ASX of Australia is up 8.45%. India’s Nifty Index is also up, but by a much smaller percentage.


By far, the most impressive gains so far have shown up in Argentina’s Merval Index, which has appreciated over 28% since the lows of late December. Brazil’s Bovespa has also been impressive, up 14.9% since December 26, and making a new all-time high. In the USA, both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ Composite continue making new cycle highs for the New Year. The DJIA has advanced nearly 14% and the NASDAQ 16% from their intraday lows of December 26.  But now comes the Sun/Uranus square, Mars/Saturn square, and the lunar eclipse of January 18-21.


In other markets, Gold tried, but failed, to close above 1300, and is now falling. The same with Silver, which flirted with $16.00 two weeks ago, but has fallen to a low of 15.35 as of Friday, January 18. Much of this is due to the weakness in foreign currencies against the Dollar, which pulls metal prices down. Crude Oil topped out the prior week at 53.31 on January 11, just in time for the Jupiter/Neptune square, which fits because Jupiter and Neptune rule crude oil. After falling close to the 50.00 mark early last week, crude oil surged again on Friday closing near the 54.00 mark.




We are now entering another very important geocosmic week. In fact, it is still a part of the prolonged time band of several geocosmic signatures that began January 2 and ends January 25. This period of January 18-25, has six important geocosmic signatures, three of which have a high rate of frequency to a 4% of greater reversal in the DJIA.


Monday, January 21, is also a powerful lunar eclipse. A similar one occurred one year ago, on January 31. You may remember that eclipse. It was followed by the only two 1000+ point declines in the history of the DJIA on February 5 and 8. If there is a sharp decline starting next week, our challenge will be to determine if it is just a strong corrective decline or the start of a new leg down in a bear market that began near the time that Venus turned retrograde in the first week of October 2018. The all-time high in the DJIA was exactly on MMA’s three-star Critical Reversal Date (CRD) of October 3 at 26,951.


Last week, January 11-14, was another three-star CRD, but so far there has been no reversal in equity markets. Either it misses a correlation to a reversal in world stocks this time (the historical correlation is not 100%, but more like 80%), or it is delayed. With aspects involving slow moving outer planets, like Jupiter to planets beyond its orbit, the orb of time sometimes can be as much as 10 trading days. Monday, January 21, is a holiday and markets will be closed, so the 10th trading days will be the following Monday, January 28.


There are other geocosmic factors approaching that will be of interest to Financial Astrologers. For instance, on Sunday, January 20, Venus will form a square to Neptune. Two days later, on January 22, it will conjoin Jupiter. This is known as a “translation” to the Jupiter/Neptune square. Sometimes it takes a “translation” to the longer-term planetary aspect to coincide with its reversal. More important to Mundane Astrologers is the fact that a few weeks later, Venus will then conjoin both Saturn and Pluto. This “transition” of Venus from the Jupiter/Neptune square to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is a preview of the “setup” we described in Forecast 2019. The “setup” of 2019 pertains to Jupiter square Neptune (January-September 2019), followed by the “Edge of the Cliff” symbolized by Saturn square Pluto and the entire “Capricorn Stellium of December 2019 through 2020, and even into 2022. In other words, we may get a preview of that “setup” and “cliff” might look like.


As stated in the Forecast 2019 Book, Jupiter square Neptune can correlate to the collective’s “irrational exuberance” and wishful thinking, the type of mindset that leads to overconfidence and complacency in financial markets. The “Capricorn Stellium” that starts in earnest in December 2019 is when the illusion wears off and reality may hit hard. It is like going from a relaxing day at the beach to a blinding snow blizzard. The geocosmic symbolism is that of overconfidence and over-optimism giving way to skepticism, doubt, and critical, serious thinking. Out of that comes serious reforms that lead to building the foundation for the next period of great prosperity, which is due to start sometime in the middle of the next decade, if I am reading these symbols correctly.


In the meantime, enjoy the benefits of Jupiter in Sagittarius, whose history has a high correlation to rising equity prices. This transit is in effect November 8, 2018 through December 2, 2019. In the past, long-term cycles have often topped out, or made secondary highs, during this transit. But try not to become too complacent, for during this same period warning signs are apt to arise signaling another severe market sell off that is due sometime in 2020-2022. A huge challenge for us will be to identify the Jupiter/Neptune top before the rest of the herd. In this case, it will be better to leave the party early than risk staying too long.


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