The Best Market Timers of 2014

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2014 was a great year for share/stock markets, with 21 excellent trading opportunities. 20 of those 21 excellent trading opportunities were foreseen as such in the summary of the input of 12 well-known Financial Astrologers. Market Timing Digest is proud to present its list of “Best Market Timers for 2014.”

Looking back, we notice Market Timing Digest turn data included the low (early February) and the high (late December) of the year.

Of course, information like this is most advantageous to anyone when it is known beforehand. To achieve this, with the reversal dates that are being brought out by Financial Astrologers, traders can define where reversals are most likely to occur.

It is as simple as that. Traders can use this market timing information alongside their favorite technical studies to not just know where (in which price area), but also when a trend change is most likely. When entering a time band defined by a tight orb that allows up to three days to be qualified as a “turn dates,” the chances of a trade being profitable are greater. Market-timers specialize in this analysis, providing this needed and hard-to-find advantage for traders. Knowing when to trade can make a huge positive difference for traders.

Market Timing Digest analyzed the subscription reports of 12 well-known Financial Astrologers, each month in 2014. At the end of the year, MTD announces those who made the most consistently correct calls, via the criteria set forth here. MTD is proud to present its list of “Best Market Timers for 2014.”

The winners are:

First place, Golden medal is for: Raymond Merriman of the Merriman Market Analyst, Inc., in Farmington Hills, MI. This is the second consecutive year that Raymond wins the Golden medal of Market Timing Digest! Raymond Merriman won convincingly by mentioning 19 out of 20 accurate reversal dates published in Market Timing Digest in 2014.

Second place, Silver is for Daniel Ciuntuc of Dharmik Market Timing in Iasi, Romania, and London: for mentioning 18 out of 20 accurate reversal dates in Market Timing Digest.

Third place, bronze medals go to: Norm Winski of Astro Trend in Naples, FL, and Tjerk Spriensma, Wave Rider Analyst for Gann Analyst, Netherlands, Europe, for mentioning 16 out of 20 accurate reversal dates published by Market Timing Digest in 2014.

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