Review of MMTA Course 1, by Henry Canciglia

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My Observations of MMTA
by Henry Canciglia

As an attendee of Merriman’s Market Timing Academy (MMTA) held in Troy, Michigan April 6 through 8, 2013, I noted that students and staff came from across the USA and around the world while some participated from their countries via internet on the webinar.  There was a fine representation of a variety of professional backgrounds and walks of life, with a wide range of technical skills levels and market experience.  Some attendees were beginners to trading, some had not traded, and others had already made fortunes or were accomplished fund managers.  There was, however, a gracious acceptance of one another -- as fellow classmates -- as we united in a common desire to improve ourselves and to learn from the market timing master, Raymond A. Merriman.  Before the course began, we were invited for a Thursday evening social event at Ray’s home where many of us met our fellow classmates for the first time.  I would develop many new friendships before the weekend was over.  The meal was fantastic (professional gourmet prepared, by Chef Mary B.) and the conversations interesting.

Course One began in the academic setting of MSU’s Management Education Center, Troy, Michigan.  Ray welcomed everyone with an introductory briefing, covering the purpose and objectives of the MMTA.  For the next three days, we found ourselves immersed in the challenging MMTA curriculum.  Well before lunch on ‘Day One’, it had become quite apparent that this was not going to be a ‘cake walk’ – and that I had not signed up for just another seminar, workshop, or boot camp.  This is something more – this is an academy, and I was one of the “new cadets” or “apprentices”.  The education, knowledge, and methodologies Ray provided were in depth, extensive, and valuable.  Course One was intense, rigorous, and thorough – which is what you would expect from an academy – but designed so that anyone with true desire, faith, and effort could make it through.  It was obvious that there was a tremendous amount of forethought, work, logistics, preparation, and coordination to produce the curriculum and to host it live as well as in a webinar format.  Ray’s instruction began with a foundation of the basics.  And in a focused, practical, and effective manner, he incrementally and steadily built upon that to impart advanced levels of understanding and practical application.

Ray presented a tremendous amount of material in two and a half days in a fascinating way that held my interest the entire time.  He also provided time for discussion in lively Q & A sessions (one of which he explained there was an 80% probability that gold could imminently fall hundreds of dollars -- quite prescient).  By ‘Day Two’ students and staff were working in three person teams to complete the interim quizzes.  We learned the meaning of “cooperate and graduate”.  By the third day we had covered what seemed as much territory as does an “Indiana Jones” action movie and we looked forward to that leap of faith – the infamous “100 Question Exam” to complete Course One of the Academy.  Although open book, it was not the easiest exam, and some of us got to “leap” an extra time or two in order to make it.

Certainly, the caliber of material provided at the MMTA is outstanding, and Ray is exceptionally skilled and qualified to teach it.  However, beyond that observation, there was a realization that particularly struck me at Ray’s introductory briefing the first morning and that was the uniqueness of the situation.  It is not common to find a qualified person to help others advance; yet in this instance, we not only have an exceptionally knowledgeable and qualified person but also one who is willing, in fact eager, both to share his knowledge and mentor others to carry the torch he will be passing on.  In essence, Ray Merriman is making available in the curriculum for MMTA that which has been a lifetime of research, pioneering, and dedication on his part to understand and master markets and timing.  Ray is not only sharing it but he is passionate about helping his apprentices master this knowledge.  This realization was both humbling as well as a source of gratefulness to be involved with the MMTA, and I am certain the others attending felt the same way.  When I learned that there would be only one “in person” graduating class from the academy – and that it was not to be repeated live - I was doubly grateful to attend.  One last thought, I know there has to be at least a few persons who wanted to attend but could not make it.  It would be well worth it if you could attend.  I look forward to meeting my classmates at the next course in June 15 to 17.


Henry Canciglia

Henry Canciglia is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, West Point. He also graduated with honors from the US Army Command & General Staff College. He represented the US Army at the White House, where he served as an aide to then-President Ronald Reagan. After the military, Mr. Canciglia co-founded Smith Canciglia Consulting, Inc., a government relations, political consulting, and public affairs firm based in the Washington, DC, area. Since the 1980s Mr. Canciglia has traded markets and studied technical analysis, wave theory, and cycles. In 2001 he was drawn to the writings of Ray Merriman and for the past eight years Mr. Canciglia has been a devoted reader of Merriman’s publications, an attendee at MMA seminars, and a student of Merriman's breakthrough research and work in the fields of geocosmic studies, cycles, and market timing.

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