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Amanita Market Forecasting
Manfred Zimmel, Vienna

Astrology Advice by Astrologer Larry Schwimmer
As a personal and financial Astrologer, Larry Schwimmer analyzes your chart to give you the best dates to make successful decisions in your investments and in your personal life.

Fortucast Market Timing
Commodity Market Timing/Barry Rosen

Global Trends & Cycles
Political and Mundane Astrology, by Marie Schoeppel

International Society for Astrological Research

Market Timing Digest
Market Timing Digest is a platform for Financial Astrology that discusses, compares and summarizes the views and analysis of world-renown Financial Astrologers. Market Timing Digest is available on subscription bases.

Michael Lutin
Michael Lutin is a world-renowned astrologer.

OSS Traders
OSS Traders free weekly market newsletters.

UAC - United Astrology Conference
UAC is the world's largest astrology conference.