How to Use MMA Products and Services

We are often asked, "Where does one start to learn your methods of market analysis and trading?" To start from the beginning, we offer the following suggestions as a guideline to learning the MMA Method of Market Timing, Analysis, and Trading. This guideline assumes you know nothing about either cycles or geocosmic signatures, and that you are purely starting from the beginning.

Step 1 -The Basics

Start the journey with Merriman on Market Cycles: The Basics. This is a beginning primer on the study of market cycles, the basic characteristics of cycles (dynamic cycles, not static cycles), and the basic patterns that unfold within each type of cycle. It also covers ways in which to integrate technical studies to enhance accuracy of identifying a cycle trough or crest.

Step 2 - Basic Principles of Geocosmic Studies

Next go to Basic Principles of Geocosmic Studies for Financial Market Timing . This introduces one to the study of astrology as an enhancement to market timing. It is a basic book on what an ephemeris is, how to read it, how to determine dates when planets are in aspect to one another, how to determine a critical reversal date, and which signs of the zodiac relate to various sectors of stocks.

Step 3 - Cycles Analysis and Geocosmic Studies

Now you are ready to put the two market timing studies together - cycles analysis and geocosmic studies – to enhance your market timing skills. And to that, you can now add technical studies for purposes of confirming or negating a possible cycle trough or crest. If you wish to continue the art of synthesis, we recommend the following books, in this order:

  1. The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 1: Cycles and Patterns in the Indices .
    This is a complete book on the short, intermediate, and long-term cycles in the U.S. and Japanese stock indices. Also includes six important technical studies to use in combination with these cycle studies, and a detailed methodology on how to use these studies to invest or trade in the stock market indices. There is no geocosmic studies involved in this book, as it is purely a cycles, pattern-recognition, and technical studies manual.
  2. The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 2: Geocosmic Correlations to Investment Cycles.
    This book analyzes all the intermediate and long-term cycles in U.S. stock indices, and which long-term planetary cycles correlate with them. This is for those who wish a longer-term investment approach to stocks. It identifies when to buy and sell, based on a combination of the 4-year stock market cycle, and the geocosmic signatures which pertain to identifying that cycle, the next longest one (18-year) and the next shortest one (50-week).
  3. The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles
    This book analyzes the relationship of planetary signatures to the primary cycle, and the phases that comprise it (major and half-primary cycles). It develops the plan for traders, who do not wish to hold on to a stock for more than a few months (and even much less). It is an incredible reference book for understanding how each planetary signature effects the stock market in terms of price and pattern.
  4. The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 4: Solar-Lunar Correlations to Short-Term Trading Cycles
    This book is for those who are very short-term traders, such as day traders or those who prefer minimal exposure and high probability trades for profit. It identifies those 1-2 day periods each month which have a higher than expected probability of coinciding with a very short-term trading reversal (i.e. 4% swings or more) in stock indices, such as the Dow Jones Industrials, the NASDAQ Comp, and the Nikkei. It then outlines a method for how to trade these dates.
  5. The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 5: Technical Analysis and Price Objectives. This is the long-awaited last volume of this 5-volume series on The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing. The first volume was released in 1997, and all four of the prior volumes focused on market timing: WHEN to buy or sell the stock market. This book now provides the final part, the missing link: WHERE – at what PRICE - to buy and sell.

    This book delves into the 300+ year charts of the US and British stock markets to examine the percentages of gains and declines in long-term cycles. It shows the importance of combining multiple time frames, or multiple cycle lengths, to establish an understanding of longer-term trends. It defines support and resistance of long-term and shorter-term cycles using a variety of mathematical calculations based on market symmetry. It identifies the three basic chart patterns within all cycles, and how to forecast the time bands and price targets for the troughs and crests of the phases within each cycle.

    In the final analysis, it is the combination of knowing the right time and the right price that determines the degree of one’s success in the trading or investing. This five volume set covers all of these factors in the most comprehensive studies ever conducted utilizing geocosmic, cycles, pattern recognition, trend analysis, and technical analysis studies.

  6. The Sun, the Moon, and the Silver Market: Secrets of a Silver Trader
    Like the books just mentioned, this too outlines those 1-2 day periods each month when the Silver market is most likely to embark upon 3% or greater price swings. A methodology for trading these short-term reversals is also provided.


Step 4 - Markets in Current Time

Next, one may wish to subscribe to various services to keep abreast on how Merriman analyzes markets in current time. Actually, many may prefer this step prior to step 3. And some may wish to start here even before step one, with a trial subscription. But to understand the newsletters properly, we strongly recommend that you read the two beginning primers (#1 and 2 listed above). There are 4 basic analysis services available in current time, as follows (from least expensive to most, and from longest-term analysis to shortest-term).

  1. The MMA Cycles Report
    This is our flagship publication, in print since 1981 to traders, investors, and financial institutions throughout the world. It is issued every three weeks, and covers the immediate cyclical and technical outlook for the DJIA, S&P futures, Gold and Silver futures, T-Notes, Swiss Franc and Euro, grains, and crude oil. It provides both geocosmic critical reversal dates, as well as short-term solar-lunar reversal dates for stock indices and COMEX Silver.
  2. MMA Weekly Market Analysis
    Available by email only. This 8-12 page weekly service gives a very detailed technical, cyclical, and geocosmic outlook for the forthcoming week, with recommendations for trading 14 different markets, including all those listed in the MMA Cycles Report, plus cash Yen, Euro, Euro/Yen spread and NASDAQ 100 futures.Available by sector only too: Gold and Silver, Currencies, or Stock Indices Weekly.
  3. MMA Daily Market Analysis
    Available at the end of every market day for the next day’s trading. Same as the weekly, but with a daily time frame based on previous day’s analysis, and relationship to weekly analysis. This 2-4 page daily report covers DJIA, S&P and NASDAQ futures, Euro currency, T-Notes, Soybeans, Gold and Silver. It also includes the weekly market analysis.  


Step 5 - Far for the Galactic Trader

The next step in learning and applying the MMA methodology of market timing and analysis is through the use of our software program, known as FAR for the Galactic Trader. This incredible program allows one to develop their research parameters to find out which geocosmic signatures correlates historically to major reversals in any market. You can set your parameters for research based on filtered waves, daily price fluctuations, or points that you consider key turning areas ("create your own research"). The program then analyzes the parameters you set up, and identifies the geocosmic correlates that most stand out, given those parameters. One can then go to the Galactic Trader functions to see when those signatures come up again. Or, if you wish to apply the Level 1, 2, and 3 signatures already uncovered by Raymond Merriman for Gold or Stocks, based on books mentioned above, that is already programmed in for you. This program allows you to constantly upgrade your skills as a market timer based on daily data as it is being delivered.


Step 6 - Attending Seminars

The final step in the learning process would be to take a seminar or retreat in "MMA Financial Market Timing," or enroll in MMTA (Merriman Market Timing Academy) courses. An MMA seminar or MMA Retreat is usually offered once a year at a grand hotel or resort, somewhere in the USA or Europe. MMTA online courses are available whenever you are ready to begin!

In many cases, one may wish to take a hands-on seminar or retreat, or enroll in one or all seven of the MMTA courses (99 classes in all) before purchasing the software. The order of experience here doesn’t matter, except that the software is usually offered at a discount to seminar, retreat, or MMTA  attendees. There is no better way to understand it all than through a seminar.

Once you have completed these steps, we feel confident you will not only understand the MMA Method of market analysis, but that you yourself will become a very adept market timer.