Astrology: Key To Holistic Health, by Marcia Starck

Astrology: Key To Holistic Health, by Marcia Starck
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Astrology: Key To Holistic Health represents a breakthrough in understanding the correlation between physiology and astrology. It is the result of years of intensive and thorough research by one of America's most respected and experienced medical astrologers. In this work, Marcia Starck clearly delineates astrological signatures related to a multitude of physiological ailments, ranging from cancer to cardiovascular disorders, female problems to arthritis. However she does not stop at geocosmic diagnosis. Psychological attitudes and reactions to specific life experiences that may be causal agents of illness are pursued through several fascinating case histories. Furthermore, the author brings in her wealth of knowledge concerning health-related fields including such topics as nutrition, vitamins, types of body work, herbs, radiesthesia, bach flower remedies, homeopathy and other methods used in the quest for wholeness and well-being.

203 pages - 6" x 9" softcover

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