Complete Psychological Patterns in Astrology (audio CDs, 2 full courses), by Raymond Merriman

Complete Psychological Patterns in Astrology (audio CDs, 2 full courses), by Raymond Merriman
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Each set of CD's consists of 4 classes and a detailed workbook . These classes offer deep insight into how to interpret a client's natal chart, based on the 12-fold astrological alphabet technique developed by Dr. Zipporah Dobyns. It is a simple but powerful way to understand the individuals basic drives, attitudes, and behaviors. An excellent way to learn and apply the delineation of a natal horoscope. Many students of this course have commented that it is the best course they have ever taken in understanding natal astrology.

"Psychological Patterns in Astrology: The Planets" is a 4-lesson course on seven CD's, on the psychological dynamics of planets in the horoscope by sign and house. It is an insightful way in which to determine which psychological patterns are strongest in a client's horoscope, what their psychological patterns tend to be, as well as how they manifest both constructively and in terms of conflicts. The process of integration is discussed at length. A method whereby one can determine which patterns are strongest is also provided, with a table to calculate the order of strength.

"Psychological Patterns in Astrology: The Signs" is also a 4-lesson course, on four CD's, on the psychological dynamics of signs in the horoscope, as they appear on house cusps and as they contain certain planets. Signs represent attitudes, and planets represent activities. Planets by signs thus combine certain attitudes with certain behavioral tendencies, resulting in various conflicts or personal empowerment due to the ability to integrate these that seek to integrate most actively, and which are the least likely to be dominant in each chart. An excellent way to understand what drives an individuals to act and feel as they do.





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