MMTA Complete 2nd-Year Program, Courses 5-7 (DVR or stream) - Merriman Market Timing Academy

MMTA Complete 2nd-Year Program, Courses 5-7 (DVR or stream) - Merriman Market Timing Academy
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MMTA Year Two: Courses 5-7

MMTA is the first and only in-depth online training course based on the principles of financial market timing as developed by Raymond A. Merriman as a result of over 30 years of research and professional trading experience. The program consists of 7 courses and 99 lessons and comes with a workbook. After each course there is an extensive test that students can use to evaluate their understanding of the material. There is nothing like this course available today. If you wish to gain that extra edge that all traders seek, or are looking to improve your skills as a market timer or financial market analyst specializing in market timing, then these courses will be of immense value. 

Purchase the courses individually for $11,100, or order the entire second year of courses for $10,000. That's a savings of $1,100.00!!


MMTA Course 5: Trading Plans – Integrating Market Timing Signals With Price

Courses from the first year of study were designed to assist the student with mastering the concepts of market timing studies (leading indicators or triggers), with special emphasis on Cycles and Geocosmics, including solar-lunar correlations to market reversals.

In this first course of the second year, we add the idea of “price” to our understanding of “time.” This course introduces students to price objective theories, support and resistance calculations, chart patterns and other technical studies. Students are instructed in combining these coincident and confirming indicators with their market timing studies to better identify potential reversal zones and maximize trading opportunities in both short and long-term market cycles.

Purchase Course 5 individually for $3,600.


MMTA Course 6: Advanced Support-Resistance Calculations for Trading

This course moves the student into an understanding of the different strategies required for shorter-term aggressive trading, including counter-trend trading setups. Building on the knowledge gained from the analysis of longer-term market cycles and phases, the student now focuses on market moves lasting less than three weeks and as little as one to four days. Special emphasis is given to techniques for calculating daily/weekly support and resistance zones, determining trend analysis, and understanding charting parameters for neutral, bullish and bearish market patterns. Students are instructed in the integration of these methodologies to begin to develop market analysis and report writing skills.

Purchase Course 6 individually for $3,900.


MMTA Course 7: Strategies – Putting It All Together

This course integrates studies from all previous courses and prepares the student to develop market analysis reports and create trading plans for personal use as investors and traders. Students are instructed in the methodology of combining market timing factors, trend analysis, chart structures, price objective theories and technical studies.  Emphasis is given to developing a professional reporting style suitable to the needs of potential clients including investors, position traders, and aggressive short-term traders. 

Purchase Course 7 individually for $3,600.


The MMTA Year 1 courses (1-4) are also available to be purchased as a set or individually (Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, Course 4).


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