DISCONTINUED: A Scientific Approach to the Metaphysics of Astrology, by Enrique Linares

DISCONTINUED: A Scientific Approach to the Metaphysics of Astrology, by Enrique Linares
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By Enrique Linares

Septenary Cycles of the Cosmos

The universal and fundamental teachings of astrology have almost all been forgotten in the modern pursuit to improve its predictive and humanistic applications. Without sacrificing these improvements, Enrique Linares masterfully brings us back in touch with these ancient understandings.


A Scientific Approach to the Metaphysics of Astrology begings by revealing an astronomical septenary cyclicity found in only three planets. The reader is then taken on a fascinating journey amongst several disciplines of human knowledge, analyzing and identifying the mechanicsms of this septenary trinity at work in each, all within the light of ancient astrological concepts. From the vastness of galaxies and stars all the way to the micro-world of elemtary particles, atoms and body chemistry, and passing through such monuments as the Pyramids of Cheops and Teotihuacan or the philosophies of the I Ching, Bible and Hinduism, this astrological trinity and its interactions are as omnipresent as matter itself. In addition, the author brilliantly correlates these precepts to such subjects as nysucm cikir and the binary digit, to name just a few. And, in the last section, the principles of septenary cycles are integrated into an innovative predictive technique.

The author, Enrique Linares, is a chemical engineer presently residing in Mexico City. He has actively conducted research into astrology and its relationship with science for over 24 years, and has published several articles in astrological magazines and journals.

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