Merriman on Market Cycles: The Basics, by Raymond Merriman

Merriman on Market Cycles: The Basics, by Raymond Merriman
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A comprehensive and clearly understandable text about the art of determining cycles lengths and recognizing patterns within those cycles. A book for those who want to improve their timing skills by integrating cycles analysis with technical studies. Includes listing of long-term and short-term cycles in U.S. and Japanese Stock Markets, Gold, Silver, T-Bonds, Interest rates, Currencies, and Grain Markets. 

All authors of technical analysis books should take a lesson from Ray Merriman: make your point quickly and simply and demonstrate its practical application. Merriman on Market Cycles: The Basics is required for traders and investors who want to gain an understanding of market rhythms.” -Robert Minor, editor of Major Market Analyst Report, and past winner of the Robbins Trading Company World Cup championship of Futures Trading, Professional Division 


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