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This course will review "trading cycles" in various financial markets. Specifically it will focus on the primary cycle and its phases, and the planetary signatures that correlate with each for market timing and position trading purposes.

It will instruct on how to calculate and use a critical reversal date to identify short-term time bands that have a high probability of correlating with a reversal in any market. This course will outline the basis for Level 1, 2 and 3 planetary signatures -- how they are determined and used in the MMTA methodology as powerful market timing tools.

Materials for this course:

The above required text books are written by Raymond Merriman and published by Seek-It Publications. You can add them to your order by using the links above.

Recommended Software (but not required):

  • *Metastock (or some comparable "end of day" -- EOD -- data with a financial markets charting program and a host of commonly-used technical studies, such as moving averages and stochastic oscillators)
  • FAR for the Galactic Trader software will be very useful for this and the next course.

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