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This course will instruct on various solar-lunar combinations that have high correlations to 4% or greater reversals for 1-4 days in stock indices and the silver market. Students will be instructed on how to identify a proper setup for applying a buy or sell point when these solar-lunar cycles indicate a reversal is likely to occur. Instruction will also be given on identifying high-probability turn times within the trading days based on planetary movements over the horizon and meridian of the city in which the exchange for a particular market is being traded on.

Materials for this course:

The above required text books are written by Raymond Merriman and published by Seek–It Publications. You can purchase them by using the links above.

Recommended Software (but not required): FAR for the Galactic Trader software.

The above recommended software addition, Far for the Galactic Trader, is written by Raymond Merriman and published by Seek-It Publications. You can purchase it by using the link above.

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