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The second course builds on the first with a review of long-term cycles in various financial markets and their phases. Within that framework,  the correlation of these cycles and phases with long-term planetary aspect signatures is discussed at length, with an approach towards long-term investing.

Special emphasis is given to those time bands containing aspects between Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, as well as their sign placements correlating with long-term cycle crests and troughs. The Moon's North Node is also covered, particularly with relations to long-term economic and stock market cycles.

Students are instructed in the percentage of price reversals that typically occur after the completion of these cycles. Within long-term cycles (those over 4-year durations) students also learn to identify the time bands of intermediate cycles (those lasting over 40 weeks). Special emphasis will be given to stock indices and precious metals for investors.

Materials for this course:

The above required text books are written by Raymond Merriman and published by Seek-It Publications.  You can purchase them at the MMA Cycles website by using the links above.

Recommended Book: Tables of Planetary Phenomena, by Neil F. Michelsen, published by Starcrafts LLC, Epping, NH.

Recommended Software (but not required): *Metastock (or some comparable "end of day" -- EOD -- data with a financial markets charting program and a host of commonly-used technical studies, such as moving averages and stochastic oscillators).

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